About Us

Wisconsin rocks! We have great people, awesome cities, and tons of stuff to do in this great place we call home. Even the weather is awesome (some of the time). Packers, Badgers, Beer, Brats, Cheese, Biking, Skiing, Fishing, Cheese, Hunting, Birdwatching, Canoeing, Kayaking, Beer, Snowboarding, Hiking, ATVing, Beer, Sightseeing, Exploring, Beer…..the list of cool, fun and exciting things are nearly endless here in the Badger State.

Sure, some people call us CheeseHeads but that’s OK because we know how cool we are and how lucky we feel to live in this great state.

And that’s what WisconsinFan.com is all about. A place to celebrate the Badger State with a massive selection of fun, exciting, high quality and totally original Wisconsi0n themed t-shirts, clothing, apparel, gear, gifts and more!