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Wisconsin Home Tshirt Designs

wisconsin home state tshirtOur Wisconsin home tshirt designs offer a variety of different unique graphic formats on a wide variety of garment types ranging from t-shirts to sweatshirts and the ever-popular hoodie. Each home t shirt with state of Wisconsin design incorporates different elements and fonts to add variety to the overall selection.

Wisconsin home tshirt designs are especially fun for our designers because the badger state is both long and wide in shape, allowing for a wide variety of design options with plenty of room for different types of images. We want our designs to say something about you. What your hobby or passion in life is.

Many of our home t shirt with state of Wisconsin designs feature large images instead of just text. Images are a great means of conveying one’s passion or feeling towards something that is special or held close to the heart.

Womens long sleeve wisconsin home tshirtText and small image Wisconsin home tshirtswomens home t shirt with state

These traditional designs are available on a wide variety of short sleeve and long sleeve garments including sweatshirts and hoodies.

The main Wisconsin image features a distressed or slightly “grunged” look to make the color subtle and not overpowered on the shirt.

In most cases white or grey is used on the main image with the background color of the garment used to fill in the text outlines.

Wisconsin Home T Shirt With State & Heart

This is another popular design on a wide variety of women’s garment types. As mentioned previously, the shape of the state of Wisconsin lends itself beautifully to a wide variety of graphics.

wisconsin home hoodieIn the case of these heart designs, we are able to incorporate a large pink outlined heart and a unique doe and buck heart which is a huge hit with both gun and bow deer hunters, especially couples like boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife who enjoy hunting together.wi home t shirt with state

We’ve selected garment colors which allow the main graphic to be bold yet not overpowering. We wanted it to be visible and legible from afar yet not too strong when viewed up close and in person.

WI Home Tshirt With Large Images

These designs have been growing in popularity in a wide variety of niches focusing on peoples passions and hobbies. We started with the Sandhill Crane design and it was a huge hit with nature lovers and people into bird watching. The Sandhill Crane is adored by many, and our design really hits the mark with many people.

Horse lovers are fond of our horse designs which are great for people who love to ride horses or have them as loving pets.

wisconsin home tee mtbMany people with a passion for mountain biking came to us asking for a design which we delivered complete with knobby tire tracks. A road biking shirt is going to be released soon as well. Golf, Harley Riding, and Fishing are also available as a home t shirt with state.

Wisconsin Home Tshirt With Hunting Themes

The hunting crowd has provided excellent feedback from our line of newly released hunting designs. Pheasant hunting, duck hunting, deer hunting, bow hunting and turkey hunting designs have all become some of the most popular mens home tshirts and womens Wisconsin home tshirt selections. Hoodies are also very popular with the hunting crowdmens home t.

As is the case with all of our garments, our home Wisconsin designs are all printed on high-quality name brand apparel. We’ve all purchased cheaply made garments before only to wash them and have them fade or shrink to the mouse like proportions after a few minutes in the dryer. Bargain racks at the big box stores are ripe with these cheap quality garments, and many customers purchase them only to be quickly disappointed.

While we could easily jump on the same bandwagon and enjoy better margins and profitability, we put quality and customer satisfaction first. If you order from us and your item is defective in any way, shape or form it can be exchanged free of charge.


We intend to continue releasing new designs and we want you to keep coming back for more. So please check back often for additional Wisconsin home tshirt designs and other new and exciting garments for you to wear and look and feel great in.

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