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When Portage was initially established, the neighborhoods were laid out with a traditional grid layout. Now, the streets of the outlying city are contorted as a consequence of the multiple marshland and lowlands that go through a great deal of Columbia region.

The north side of the community thus seems different from the central city, with the arranged grid route system giving way to a more suburban streetscape with a decreased property occurrence.

The municipality has a couple commercial segments. One is actually the downtown historic area, which provides countless smaller sized specialist vendors plus bars; the additional is the North Side business-related region that includes large box stores.

In the summertime of the year 2007, the Portage channel was emptied up and now showcases a cycle pathway which passes along side part of it. Around the summertime of 2009, the central town center avenue was basically remade. Past points of interest regarding the city consist of the memorial at the Portage, the North American Indian Agency household, and the Surgeons Quarters.

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