The Best Roofing Companies in Portage Wisconsin

Here’s our list of the top rated roofinig companies in the Portage WI area.

The roofing companies on this page have all been in business a number of years and have favorable ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).best portage roofing company

These roofers have also collected favorable customer reviews over the years and are well known throughout the community for providing high quality roofing services in a timely manner and at competitive price points.

South Central Wisconsin Roofing:
We provide conventional asphalt/fiberglass shingles in a number of styles and colors. Our company recommends and exclusively uses Owens Corning brand shingles. As a preferred contractor with Owens Corning, we offer a 50 year non pro-rated guarantee. Do not talk about roofing without withour speaking about insulation and air flow! Think about you attic and roof as a layout. Improper attic insulation and air flow can create a whole variety of problems. Merely to name a couple of: untimely roof product faliure, ice dams, condensation, increased heating & cooling costs along with mildew.

Raven Exteriors: It is possible to rely on Raven Exteriors based in Portage, Wisconsin for delivering quality roofing services. We guarantee you shall be totally satisfied with our work. Our company is known throughout Columbia and Dane counties for doing quality that is top at reasonable costs. Contact us for your next commercial or roofing project that is residential. You are able to be assured we shall treat you right and won’t cut corners.

When choosing a roofer it’s important to ask these questions:

  1. Question: Is your roofing business insured?
    Answer: You want to make sure the business carries insurance against any liability and also insures the work they do on your residential or commercial roof.
  2. Question: What exactly will be replaced?
    Answer: Ensure you know exactly what the roofing job entails. You want an itemized list of everything being replaced and or repaired. Is it just the shingles being torn off and replaced or will the ice and water sheild, flashinig, sheathing  also be replaced as part of the roofing job?
  3. Question: What is your turn around time?
    Make sure you get a solid job completition date or at least a solid estimate of completion in writing.
  4. Question: What brands of materials are being used on the roof? 
    Answer: Don’t pay a premium price for average or below average shingles and other materials. Make sure you are aware of the product quality being installed on the roof.
  5. Question: What are your warrantys?
    Answer: Shingles are available in a variety of grades with different year or even lifetime warranties. Be sure you get the details and specifics on the warranty, it’s coverage and how the remediation process would occur if need be.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from customers in the area! Any roofer who refuses to provide you with a list of customers you can contact to talk about previous work should be avoided.

Roofers who do good work should have a list of happy customers that they are eager to share with you. Word of mouth in the roofing business is huge!

Even commercial roofing jobs should have testimonials. No you probably won’t want to call a competing local business, but there are surely other types of businesses that will provide there experiences and input on the different local portage WI are roofing companies so you can do business with the best!

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