WI Ice Fishing Guides

ice fishing guides wisconsinIce fishing guides Wisconsin anglers hire can produce very positive results. WI Ice fishing guides can be found on a wide variety of inland waters and also for booking trips on the great lakes. Many of the harbors and areas protected from the wind and waves end up freezing in the winter, making the great lakes a perfect option for large trout, salmon, walleye, pike and more.

WI Ice Fishing Guides are usually available for DIY trips when you bring your own gear and as complete all-inclusive packages including the rods, tip-ups, augers, shanties, ATV and all the other gear necessary for a day or evening on the ice.

On some bodies of water like Big Green Lake in Green Lake County, for example, guides will leave permanent ice fishing shacks out on the lake all winter long and allow anglers to rent the shanties fully equipped with all the necessary ice fishing gear and equipment. In these cases, the packages can be purchased as fishing trips with or without the guide as part of the experience.

Most ice fishing guides Wisconsin anglers hire for hard water fishing are also available during the open water seasons as well. By fishing the same bodies of water throughout the entire year, these WI ice fishing guides can become extremely familiar with a particular body of water and really be able to pin down where the fish are at, and what kind of forage they are after during the cold winter months when fish can be lazy and not feeding or moving around very much.

The fact that fish tend to be more dormant and not as active when the water is cold is actually one of the main factors in using WI ice fishing guides to better the odds of catching decent fish. Setting tip-ups or jigging areas where there are no fish present is not going to produce many strikes. That’s for sure! When you have WI ice fishing guides on your side you’ll at least be able to find the fish. Whether or not they will be biting is another thing!

Ice Fishing Guides
Here’s a list of WI Ice Fishing Guides to consider when planning your next Badger State ice fishing adventure!










We will update this list of WI Ice fishing guides periodically. If you are a guide and would like to be added to this list please let us know.

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