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Wisconsin Company Innovates Backflow Irrigation Covers

Many homeowners in Wisconsin are all too familiar with the cost and pains of what happens when a irrigation backflow valve freezes, ruptures and leaks water everywhere. Not only is it a flood hazard, but it’s also expensive to fix with backflow prevention valves costing hundreds of dollars and require professional installation and testing.

DekoRRa Products of Rio, WI has developed an affordable, easy to use and super effective solution to backflow valve protection throughout the spring, fall and winter months.

The improved design of DekoRRa’s backflow enclosures makes them easier to use than ever before, and they are available in 3 options, all of which are ASSE approved.

Class 1 backflow covers are designed to provide backflow valve protection for prolonged periods of time utilizing a combination of R-13 insulation and a 120v heat tape which is wrapped around the pipes and backflow prevention valve. If you have a potable water backflow or an irrigation backflow that remains outdoor all winter long, then this is going to be the best option.

Class 2 backflow enclosures are probably the most common as they provide R-13 insulated freeze protection. The class 2 covers are ideal for backflow valve protection in early spring and fall when the temperatures can dip below freezing for short periods of time. The included R-13 insulation creates a warm air zone around the backflow valve to stave off jack frost.

Class 3 backflow protection includes just the hard enclosure and is best suited for warmer months when the temperatures remain above freezing.

Unlike fiberglass backflow valve covers which are very expensive and do not hold up well to UV rays and freeze-thaw cycles, the DekoRRa enclosures are fabricated with U.V. inhibitors, texture and colorant all molded into the actual base and top cover. Nothing is sprayed or painted on the surface. This creates an ultra durable unit that will not fade in the sun or become brittle and crack after freeze-thaw cycles.

For residential and light commercial use the DekoRRa backflow covers offer an outstanding solution at a price point that can’t be beat. They look great and do a wonderful job of protecting backflow valves. A great Wisconsin made product helping to keep our water safe! For additional information visit RocksFast.com.

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